The Sixth Element

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The sixth element is a Docu drama narrated with a thriller screenplay.
probably an experiment that is first of its kind in telugu short film making.

Not a soul could find the exact genesis of the universe but many prophets and scientists were able to predict the exact date of the Universe’s end.
Many said Earth’s beginning and end are akin to man’s birth and death.
Tsunami’s, Volcanic eruptions, Earthquakes are considered as a few omens to this.
Though all the theories about the earth’s extinction created a little panic for quite some time…they finally ended up just as a few more bed time stories.

Its December 25th 2012, 4 days after the dooms day.

Still in disbelief, people are commemorating these wonderful moments.
Finally we surpassed a big threat.

But Nature chose another means.. “THE SIXTH ELEMENT”